Staying in an area where there is highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent? Yes, that’s Australia. It has some of the best solar energy resource in the world.

As per CEC statistics, for Year 2019, 76 % Energy comes from Fossil Fuel and 24 % Energy comes from Renewable in Australia. So from 24 % of Total Renewable Energy Solar Energy is accountable for 30% In Australia. So its means Solar Energy is only around 10% or Total Energy production. The most common use of solar energy is solar thermal water heating. Solar PV systems play an important role in off-grid electricity generation in remote areas.

The stats itself mention a lot about how valuable resource we already have and how we are underutilizing the resource currently. On top of that we need to understand the importance of solar energy in terms of how pocket friendly it is for a household.

Let us, Patel electrical help you to understand the importance of solar panels at your home.

1. Saves money on Electricity Bill

This is undoubtedly one of the main drivers behind opting for solar panel installation on home roof. During this pandemic where every business has faced huge dips, it’s a smart and effective way to save money on your electricity bill. As per our survey you can save up to $1200 to $2000 per year based on your roof area and consumption profile. Get in touch with us here to get estimation on installation cost and savings.

2. Solar panel prices have dropped drastically and trend is continue

That’s true! We have been in this business since 2010 and observing it closely since then. It has been observed that along with newer technology and faster integration process of solar panel, the prices have dropped considerably in last 5 years. The costs of panels have reduced by 30-40% what it used to be before 8-10 years.

3. Get incentives and rebate on installation by State and Federal Government

Its not just future electricity bill savings that we are discussing here. To offset the purchase cost of solar panel, you can opt for government’s small scale renewable energy scheme to get Incentives on eligible units. Particular, Victorian Government is offering generous solar Panel and Battery rebate and Interest free loan at the moment.

4. Lower maintenance

The cost of maintenance is too low as compare to the benefits that you get by savings on the electricity bill across the year. The panels need to be cleaned sometimes a year (depends on location) to get maximum effective results out of the installation. We recommended annual inspection on interval of 3 to 5 years. You can call on 1800 2 PATEL (72835) to understand and get best possible quote for inspection of your solar system from Patel Electrical

5. Australia has abundance of it

As we mentioned above, Australia has highest solar radiation than other continents, we are already blessed with this clean energy resources. All we need to do is materialize it in right manner and make the most out of it.

6. Long term investment in solar panels

Its not a gimmick to attract people by giving bigger return on investments plan. Solar energy utilization is a systematic investment that you do for longer period of time say 15-20 years and harvest good returns in terms of saving lots of hard-earned money.

Solar is worth giving a try. To understand more on this or any clarifications required, write is on or call on 1800 2 PATEL (72835). We are committed to serve you the best with cost effective and latest technological solutions.