About Solar Inverter

We all know that solar PV system converts solar energy into electric energy. To do this, solar panels produce the DC power and transform it into a compatible AC power. So here only Solar Inverter can transform this energy into AC electricity.

Fronius Inverters definitely belong to the premium category, both in terms of product quality, customer support and price. While other brands are better than Fronius in some ways, it’s hard to find a safer, more popular choice.

Is it therefore worth buying a Fronius inverter? We are investigating this question and have taken a close look at various elements of Fronius inverters.

What is Fronius?

The Fronius company was originated in Austria with a European heritage in 1945 by Günter Fronius and has been manufacturing inverters since 1992. Fronius launched its first grid-connected solar inverter back in 1995. We Patel Electrical, is happy to inform you that we have all the latest collections of Fronius inverter. These inverters are suitable for residential solar as well as commercial solar projects.

Fronius Inverter Advantages

  • Extended warranty up to 20 years
  • Wide product range
  • Very reliable
  • Lots of awards
  • Very good support

Fronius Inverter Disadvantage

  • It tends to become noisy especially when it is working at its peak

Key Benefits of Fronius Solar Inverters

If you want to install a new solar PV system or want to upgrade your existing one, it is worth investing in Fronius inverters as it offers the following benefits:

  1. Built-in cooling system prevents overheating
  2. Unique snap-in design & easy to operate
  3. Built-in WiFi & remote control
  4. Standard five + five years of warranty
  5. Remarkable energy savings
  6. Most reliable and efficient inverter
  7. Easy and hassle-free installation
  8. Max efficiency of 97.6%
  9. MPPT ensures that maximum electricity is generated from the solar panels
  10. Low failure rate of only 0.5%
  11. Utilises maximum solar power generated by the solar system
  12. Capable of efficiently handling and controlling electrical loads
  13. Available in a wide power range
  14. It can be monitored live
  15. Integrated data communication

Fronius solar inverters would be the best choice after looking into all above benefits.

Types of Fronius Inverters

  1. Fronius Primo Inverters
  2. Fronius Eco Inverters
  3. Fronius Symo Inverters
  4. Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverters
  5. Fronius Galvo Inverters

Want to know which Fronius inverter would be the best for your solar installation? Get assistant from our solar experts today: